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Most golfers (myself included), are always looking for the secret, to unlocking their true golfing potential. Whether a beginner or a low handicapper, we all want something to help move our game along. We read books and magazines, we pick up tips from fellow golfers, we watch the PGA pros in action, some of us listen to great advice and splash out on a lesson or two with our local PGA Professional, and many of us buy Gadgets (for want of a better word). I myself have a pretty extensive collection of Gadgets, (Most of which cost me ‘A Pretty Penny’ I might add!). So now we see the release of the new Skypro Golf Swing Analyzer from Skygolf.

Is it a device that could help your game and mine? I’ve been following the development of this device with interest and wanted to share with you, what I believe are its strengths and weaknesses, and of course, help you decide whether you should invest your hard earned cash on just another…. Golf Gizmo!

What Is The Skypro?

The Skypro originally came into being as the ‘PocketPro’, developed by co-founders Gorde Park and Adam Tsouras. Who in May of 2012 announced on their web site…

“We at PocketPro are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie®, the #1 rangefinder in golf.  They have an incredibly knowledgeable team, with a vision of PocketPro that aligns perfectly with ours”

Skygolf SkyproThe Skypro is a golf swing analyzer, which will attach to any of your clubs. It weighs less than an ounce, and is about the size of your thumb. It reads every element of your golf swing and transfers that data at over 3,000 samples per second, to a Free App on your Smartphone via Bluetooth. The data (your swing), can then be viewed in a fully rotational, 3D, High Definition Image.

Your recorded swings can then be replayed at any speed and paused at any point. This then allows you to specifically analyze any element of that swing, such as shaft lean, face angle throughout the whole swing, club head speed, swing tempo and more.

Is it Easy To Set Up And Use?

The Skypro attaches to any of your clubs, just below the grip. It uses a simple thumb screw to fasten the device to the shaft and can quickly and easily be removed and placed on another club in the bag. Hundreds of different rubber types were tried and tested to ensure that the sensor stays in place once secured.

Originally it was intended that the device would have to sit in alignment to the club face at square. The developers realized however that this was not an easy thing for every golfer to achieve. Particularly those with eyesight not unlike mine, slightly less than perfect! So they developed Smart Calibration which allows the sensor to sit in any position on the club shaft and takes away the need for difficult and incorrect manual alignments. Therefore you can actually position the device under the shaft if preferred. There is no fiddly on-off switch and the unit has an automatic sleep mode to conserve power.

SkyPro Swing Analyzer On ClubOnce you have secured the Skypro sensor to the shaft, you then lay your Smartphone flat on the club face, and with the App in detection mode, make a few rotations of the club face. The App automatically and accurately detects the club face angle and lie of the club being used. Once all of your clubs have been calibrated, the app will automatically recognize the club in use. Anti-Rotational Stability ensures then that the sensor remains calibrated throughout a practice session, or round of golf. The sensor will also auto detect if you are a ‘Leftie’ golfer.

The Skypro sensor is fitted with a battery and built in, intelligent power management which will provide around eight hours of use on one charge. A case is provided for the sensor, which not only protects the sensor when not in use, but also doubles as a smart charging unit, so your unit is always ready for your next session.

The sensor itself is ‘ruggedized’ and waterproof, allowing you to play or practice with the sensor attached, come rain or shine.

SkyPro App


You can get Your Free Skypro App by clicking on the App Image to the right. This wil open in a new window, allowing you to download from the iStore, while you continue reading the article.

Will A Skypro Improve Your Golf Game?

As I’m sure you’ll agree, practice doesn’t make perfect, but perfect practice does. The Skypro may just be the device that makes your practice sessions, much more enjoyable and meaningful.

The app’s software includes lots of useful customized goals that you can work on to improve your swing, and these are all backed up in the app with tips from the highly respected golf swing coaches, Hank Haney and Michael Breed.

In App selections such as :-

Synchronize and compare, which allows you to select one of your bad swings with one of your great swings, which can then be overlaid and compared allowing you to see where you went right and wrong.

Tag Swings, allowing you to tag all of your best swings for memory grooving. The sensor is able to store thousands of swings. Even if you forget, or are not able to have your phone with you, (such as on the course), your swings will automatically sync and download to your phone later.

Skypro-Groove-ModeGroove Sessions, allows you to work on a specific element of your swing, for example your backswing length. You can set a point that your backswing is not to exceed and then you can set a difficulty level for the task, of Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Then as you take each swing the App will give you an alert that lets you know how precise you were with the swing for that element. The alert can either be an audible one, or should you not want to attract any attention, it can be a varying vibration alert. You can use these groove session for any element of your swing, tempo, face angle at impact, face angle on takeaway, club head speed, etc.

Each swing and session can be viewed in full 3D with zoom in capability. You are able to rotate playback to view down the line, face on, overhead, and this can be done at a variety of speeds including pause mode. All swings are automatically recorded and transferred to your phone without having to push any buttons.

Are you a Social Media golfer? The App supports in cloud storage, Facebook and Twitter integration, which means that you will be able to brag about your best swings with your golf buddies, or email any swing issues to your golf instructor for analysis.

You can see some more detail of the above at the Skypro Software official page.

If you are having golf lessons, this unit would appear to work hand-in hand with those lessons. Let’s say that your golf pro wants you to work on a specific, such as your shaft angle at impact. You will be able to program that position into the app during the lesson and duplicate it on your own at the range, or on the course.

What’s The ‘Buzz’ On The Internet?

“SkyPro is really going to change the way teachers help golfers improve because repeating bad swings only grooves a bad swing. Now, golfers can see flaws instantly so they don’t continue to groove their faults when their instructor is not around. SkyPro is like having their personal swing coach everywhere they go, so their time on the range is spent building good habits and a repeatable golf swing just the way the instructor wants them swinging.” – Source  Hank Haney – PGA Teacher of the Year in 2012

“It’s hard to fix it if you can’t see it. See your flaws instantly and groove a perfect swing with perfect practice.” – Michael Breed – 2012 PGA of America Teacher of the Year and Host of The Golf Fix on The Golf Channel

“SkyPro is without question, better in so many ways… Considering this is the first rev, It is amazingly well polished and will only improve. Too many of these products end up more troublesome than they are useful. This is definitely not the case with SkyPro. The big benefit is how seamless it is to use – very hands-off and fast. You will not need to be messing around with it while you practice. It just does it’s job and lets you get on with swinging. In my opinion, SkyPro has set the new standard for golf swing monitors, by a significant margin. It really is a no-brainer chice if you’re in the market for this type of product.” – Source Jonathon,

“I am amazed at this device! I think it works phenomenal… mostly because of the groove feature. There’s nothing like the instant feedback which grooves you via sound. You can quickly dial in the right feel to achieve certain swing conditions… I “grooved” many swings this morning working on backswing length, shaft lean at impact, etc…. It really does what it advertizes and within minutes I was grooving a better swing with better ball flights, that required less effort. It proves to me feel is not real as they say. A great training aid!” – Source SunOfGolf,

“At the range drilling down on groove mode. Best feature ever!!! Best $200 spent on golf ever!!! #stoked” – @JrMistMaker

To get your hands on the new Skypro, complete with a 2 Year Waterproof Warranty AND a 90 Day Comfort Guarantee AND a 30 Day ‘No Questions Asked’ Money Back Guarantee AND FREE DELIVERY! :-


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10 thoughts on “Skypro Review

  1. David Luquette

    A local golf retailer lent me his SkyPro to demo for 5days to help me make my purchase decision. Impressed … But too many “unavailable? swings” (approx 40% in Groove mode) and module is not turning off by itself when not in use (wearing batteries down on my IPhone 4S). Also, tired of re calibrating! SwingSmart is also being considered.

  2. Ken Fenton

    When will the app be available on Android devices?

  3. Robert Dillon

    Would like to buy your product but I am buying a LG G Pad 8.3 LTE and do not know if I can download the app for the Skypro?
    Thank you.

  4. Gary

    Since more people use Android phones instead of Apple phones you are loosing a lot of money just providing a device that only works with Apple!

  5. Leroy

    I’m having trouble calibrating my sky pro I can’t keep in still during placement on. Club face. Can you give me an easy way to calibrate it thanks

  6. Tom Bleemel

    They do not have the app for Android phones yet. correct? any idea on when they plan to release it for google play?

  7. Ian McRoman

    Hi Guys,

    Nice APP not know anything on this Sky Pro Swing Analyzer ?!

    Seems good like the idea w/ BOX & NO BUTTON …

    Also maybe more info to USE on Ipad Mini (Ipad) please…

    And maybe later video analyze side by side…

    Keep up w/ good work and video information and so on…


    Ian McRoman / SWEDEN

  8. Ian McRoman


    Forget to say – great idea to do the calibration on club – do this work w/ Ipad too ?


    Ian McRoman / SWEDEN


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