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Skygolf Skypro Vs Swingbyte 2

Skypro Vs Swingbyte 2

‘Skygolf Skypro’ Vs ‘Swingbyte 2’

We thought it the right time to pitch the skypro vs swingbyte 2, as we’ve had our hands on the original Sky Pro Golf swing analyzer for almost 9 months now, and we have to say, the unit has been ultra reliable and a lot of fun. Battery life is excellent. The App has already gone through a few updates, which have only improved the usability of the device. (As you know App updates for any device, can often have a negative effect on a product).

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We have not changed our mind about how useful this device is, in terms of golf swing improvement, since our original SkyPro Review. Do we think it should replace the occasional lesson with your local PGA Professional? Absolutely not…However, we certainly recommend that you take your Skypro with you as an additional aid, upon which you can store your coaching session’s information.

Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews

When the Skypro was launched last year it already had a competitor on the market. The Swingbyte.

Over the last year the competition has increased with the introduction of many other swing analyzers……‘Noitom My Swing’, the ‘Swingsmart’, ‘Zepp’ Golf to name but a few.

The two frontrunners in this expanding market still seem to be the Sky Pro and the Swingbyte in it’s rejuvenated form….The Swingbyte 2. So in terms of golf swing analyzer reviews, we thought it only fair to start out by putting the main contenders up against each other.

Skypro Vs Swingbyte 2 Hardware


Swingbyte Mount Moved

In terms of cost to buy and size of the units, there is not much to choose. Likewise, the actual size and weight of the units is alike, both weighing in at under an ounce.

Both units attach to the club shaft just below the grip. We believe that the Sky Pro wins in terms of mounting the unit, as the Swingbyte has to be aligned with the club face. This did leave us wondering as to just how accurately we had attached it.

For those out there who maybe have a job aligning a club face square to target, then no, we don’t think you will ever perfectly align your Swingbyte (in fact, at their online site, the company says that by eyeballing the install you will be able to get within 1 to 2 degrees of accuracy!). So how accurate can you trust the resulting numbers to be?

Conversely, the Skypro is a breeze to mount and stays securely in place. It does not have to be aligned with the club face, and can in fact me mounted at any position you prefer, on the club.

We had several issues with the first Swingbyte we purchased, as the rubber band that secured it to the club. The band supplied simply did not hold the unit firmly and the device slips down and twists. This was upgraded to include a mounting tab, which added more bulk to the unit, and did not solve the problem of movement in off center shots. Apparently they are addressing this issue on a further update to the mount.

Power Up!

In terms of powering the units up, the Skypro wins hands down, especially for those older players like myself, who need to reach for their reading glasses when fiddling with little switches, or checking that tiny lights are lit….As the Sky Pro has neither.

Skygolf Skypro Golf Swing Analyzer And Charger

The Handy Skypro Charging Case

Simply remove the unit from its smart charging case and it automatically turns on, and then automatically syncs with your chosen device. When the unit is still, or upside down, for a few seconds, it automatically goes into a sleep mode to conserve the battery life. Once righted or moved, it comes back to life, ready to record swings. The unit automatically shuts itself off when it is replaced into the charger.

In all honesty, set up of the

Unfortunately for me, the competitor did have matching tiny switch and miniature lights! You have to hold a small button down for a few seconds until the yellow flashing light turns solid. The orange Bluetooth light flashes a few times then turns off. It was very difficult to see if the on/off light was lit in daylight, and near on impossible in sunlight.

Skypro Vs Swingbyte 2 Features

Both units have the ability to track these features, and they BOTH do it very well! :-

  • Full Golf Swing Analysis
  • Tempo
  • Speed
  • Shaft Lean At Address
  • Club Path
  • Compare Previous Swings

The Swingbyte is able to analyze putting as well…..Allegedly! We couldn’t get our unit to register a single swing of the putter.

Skypro Android App?

Unfortunately, not as yet. Currently the Skypro is iOS only, although Skygolf are apparently eagerly working at releasing the Android version soon. The Swingbyte is available in both Android and iOS versions.

Now, being that we are Apple/iOS users we had to borrow an Android phone from a colleague to test both Apps. In all honesty, after just a few hours we wish we hadn’t bothered with the whole cross platform testing idea. The app kept crashing or freezing. It seemed somewhat different in appearance. The iOS app has some nice video features that were not available in the Android version.

We decided to Google the issue and found that we were not the only ones struggling! Comments such as….

” Now worse than ever… After waiting patiently for an app that would actually use all the features of the Swing Byte 2, we now get an app that does nothing at all. ie, freeze on the main screen. If you don’t want Android users to buy your device, then just tell us. Don’t pee on my leg and try to convince me its raining. On the plus side, the opening screen is rather pretty so although useless as a golf training device it does make a nice screen-saver.”

“New update This new update freezes every time I try to open. My Swingbyte 2 has never really worked right but I was hoping the update would help, guess not.”

“Poor Android support! Still not near the IOS version.”

It would appear that possibly the Swing byte jumped in early, in terms of an Android App, whereas Sky Golf wants to get their Android App perfected before release. Although we can see that this must be infuriating for the Android masses, who would like to try the Skypro themselves.

Golf Swing Analyzer Apps Compared

In terms of use and data feedback, the Skypro’s app is as good as it’s rival.  It’s intuitive and works very reliably and very easily, which is great for those not so familiar with technology. It also has the single best feature in this category: Groove Mode….

…..Groove Mode practice, lets you select one metric to work on (tempo or backswing length, for example), choose your selected goal (backswing that stops at parallel, 3:1 tempo, half way back position, etc), and then try to “groove” that result over 10 swings.

You can then earn yourself gold, silver, or bronze medals depending on how well you do. This does add a little fun to proceedings. In basic swing mode, golfers can set the unit to give “Alerts” when it detects certain swing flaws. This function works very well.

Recording of swings and swing data was found to be very reliable, however the unit does not like to be too far from your iPad or iPhone as it does have a tendency to lose signal and not record those ‘Great’ swing you just made.

The Swingbyte app is very similar, in terms of features. In fact it provides more data, in relation to numbers, swing path, club angles, etc, if maybe to the point of….”golf swing paralysis by analysis”.

Recording of swings and swing data was found to be somewhat intermittent, with our unit. It would record maybe a dozen swings and then would stop responding or recording, and would need to be reset.

When it was working, it did a great job and provides some nice graphics and data for golf swing analysis.

Not a big user of the Social Network personally, but both Apps are capable of sending swing shots and data to your loved on, a friend, or your golf pro, on social media like Facebook.

Skypro Vs Swingbyte 2 And The Winner Is…

In all honesty, the differnece between both of these Golf Sing Analyzers was reliability. We spent so much time realigning and recalibrating the Swingbyte, that it just became annoying, and took all of the fun out of proceedings. Setting up and calibrating the Skypro is a breeze…….

As you can see here at the Official Skypro Hardware Official Site.

The Skypro however, was solid as a rock. Never moved on the club shaft. Was consistent at recording every swing, and was fun to use.

But hey! Don’t take OUR word for it!

Try the Sky Pro Golf Sing Analyzer yourself with a No Questions Asked… Money Back Guarantee.

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